Turn-key Robotic Case Palletizer

This is more than just a collaborative robot placing cases on a pallet.

Why choose a PalletizHD for your packaging line?

Placing boxes or cases onto a pallet in a pattern is an application that is perfect for robots. The repetitive task of palletizing has become the go-to solution for manufacturers looking to streamline packaging operations.

Palletizing Robot Line
Custom packaging conveyors
Palletizing robot lifter

Programming a collaborative robot to pick and place the same sized case is not very difficult. Once learned, the robot can perform the task endlessly.

The difficulty arises when cases need to be placed into a pattern on a pallet. What additional hardware do you need? How do you create a configuration? What happens if the line changes over to a new case size? Will the cobot still be safe to interact with while in production?

The PalletizHD is the flexible, turn-key solution that eliminates all these concerns.

The secret is in the ONExia Robotics palletizing software.

What makes our cobot palletizers different is the software. Developed by ONExia Robotics, the software can handle almost any box size and pallet configuration.

Using the touchscreen interface, boxes are placed into position by using the drag and drop functionality. Each move is calculated automatically, preventing collision with the adjacent pallet stack or lifter base.

These configurations are saved and can be easily recalled based on production demands.

Additionally, labels can be correctly oriented for shipping and slip sheets can be added on the fly – no written code needed!

NEW VIDEO: A step by step walkthrough of setting up a new pallet configuration.

We made collaborative robot safety a priority.

Third party verified to meet industry safety standards, the PalletizHD is fully collaborative and requires no caging or hard guarding to operate. Multiple customers have also done internal risk assessments prior to purchasing and the "HD" has passed every time.

The PalletizHD is not a kit, it is a solution.

By combining the ONExia Robotics palletizing software with the integrated collaborative safety, the "HD" comes ready to work upon delivery with production starting on the first day.

Easily added to existing lines without disrupting the current floorplan.

Designed with the end-user in mind, the PalletizHD is plug-and-play solution for cobot palletizing automation.

Requiring only a 110v outlet and an air line, the "HD" can be easily integrated with existing packaging lines.

All additional accessories including end-effectors and scanners are all connectorized and labeled with initial setup being completed in minutes. Built on a welded base, the "HD" can be easily moved from line to line with a pallet jack or forklift.

The PalletizHD is a complete solution that is ready to go to work for you. Why not employ one today?

NEW VIDEO: See how easy it is to add a PalletizHD to an existing packaging line.

Your One Source for Robotic Packaging Automation

Designed by ONExia, a custom machine builder and robotics integrator, the PalletizHD comes with service and support needed for a successful cobot deployment.

Optimize output with additional custom integration services.

Consider ONExia an extension of your engineering staff! Partnered with industry leaders in conveyors and automation components, the PalletizHD comes with a full team of engineers ready to optimize your packaging lines.

Easily add adjustable nesting conveyors, integrate with existing inventory management software, and add additional robotic packaging solutions all from a single supplier.

The PalletizHD and the ONExia Robotics team of packaging engineers are ready to work for you.

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