High Payload Cobot Palletizer

Labor shortage slowing down production?

The PalletizHD is a turn-key, collaborative robot palletizing solution that is ready to work for you.

Collaborative Palletizing Robot

Minimal footprint, end-of-line packaging automation.

Why choose a PalletizHD for your packaging line?

The "HD" is designed with features needed to automate palletizing safely and successfully with a cobot.

  • Minimal footprint - fully collaborative, no caging or guarding needed to operate
  • Flexible design - easily adjusted for line changeover
  • Support & training - backed by a full team of engineers to assure a successful cobot deployment
PalletizHD system
PalletizHD HD

What it means to be "HD"

The PalletizHD is one of the most robust collaborative palletizers on market. Built on a durable and portable welded frame, the "HD" easily automates the tasks that are susceptible to labor challenges.

  • High payload cobot - featuring a 38 lb payload, the "HD" can handle heavy cases that are difficult for humans to consistently stack.
  • Increased pick rate - using a custom end-effector, multiple lighter weight cases can be picked at once.
  • Vertical reach - the "HD" is capable of stacking pallets up to 105 inches in height by utilizing the built-in collaborative lifter.

Palletizing Software

Automate palletizing without writing a line of code.

Every PalletizHD comes with our custom palletizing software preloaded on the embedded touchscreen interface.

Drag-and-drop user interface.

Custom designed by ONExia, end-users can easily add and edit pallets with no programming required!

Palletizing Software
robotic palletizer roi

Palletizing Application Case Study

Innovative copacker improves ergonomic safety with a PalletizHD collaborative robotic palletizer.

Struggling to hire and maintain consistent labor, a copacker looked to automate the difficult, repetitive task of palletizing heavy cases on one of their more demanding packaging lines.

ONExia Robotics

End-of-Line Automation

Designed and built by ONExia, a custom machine builder and robotics integrator.

Automate with confidence.

Every palletizing application is reviewed by the ONExia team of engineers and is delivered as a fully developed, turn-key solution.

Robotic Palletizer PalletizHD line of palletizers

Doosan Collaborative Robots

Every PalletizHD comes with a Doosan H-Series Collaborative Robot integrated with the lifter base and ONExia Robotics palletizing software.

Robotics Integrator