High Payload Cobot Palletizer

Labor shortage slowing down production?

The PalletizHD is a turn-key, collaborative robot palletizing solution that is ready to work for you.

Collaborative Palletizing Robot

Minimal footprint, end of line packaging automation.

This is more than just a collaborative robot placing boxes on a pallet.

Why choose a PalletizHD for your packaging line?

Designed and built by a robotics integrator specializing in cobots, the "HD" is full automated palletizing solution that can easily be added to existing packaging lines.

PalletizHD system
PalletizHD HD

What it means to be "HD"

The PalletizHD is one of the most robust collaborative palletizers on market. Built on a durable and portable welded frame, the "HD" easily automates palletizing applications that are typically done by human labor.

  • High payload cobot - featuring a 38 lb payload, the "HD" can handle heavy cases that are difficult for humans to consistently stack.
  • Increased pick rate - using a custom end-effector, multiple lighter weight cases can be picked at once.
  • Vertical reach - the "HD" is capable of stacking pallets up to 105 inches in height by utilizing the built-in collaborative lifter.

Palletizing Software

Automate palletizing without writing a line of code.

Every PalletizHD comes with our custom palletizing software preloaded on the embedded touchscreen interface.

Drag-and-drop user interface.

Custom designed by ONExia, end-users can easily add and edit pallets with no programming required!

Palletizing Software

Tradeshows & Events

See the PalletizHD in person! Look for the ONExia booth at an event near you and get hands on with a collaborative palletizer.

Pack Expo International

Booth #LU-8340
Promo code coming soon!

robotic palletizer roi

Palletizing Application Case Study

Innovative copacker improves ergonomic safety with a PalletizHD collaborative robotic palletizer.

Struggling to hire and maintain consistent labor, a copacker looked to automate the difficult, repetitive task of palletizing heavy cases on one of their more demanding packaging lines.

ONExia Robotics

Cobot Packaging Automation

Designed and built by ONExia, a custom machine builder and robotics integrator.

Automate with confidence.

Specializing in packaging applications, ONExia provides the training, service, and support needed for manufacturers to add collaborative robots to their end of line processes.

Robotics Integrator PalletizHD line of palletizers

Doosan Collaborative Robots

Every PalletizHD comes with a Doosan H-Series Collaborative Robot integrated with the lifter base and ONExia Robotics palletizing software.

Robotics Integrator