End-of-Line Palletizing Automation

This is more than just a collaborative robot placing boxes on a pallet.

Collaborative Robot Specialists

10 years of cobot integration experience.

Every palletizing application is reviewed by the ONExia Robotics team of engineers and is delivered as a fully developed, production ready solution.

  • Custom accessories – conveyors, grippers, and slip sheet racks designed specific to every application
  • Infeed conveyors – collaborative rated palletizers and integrated safety controls on conveyors
  • Slip sheets – added to pallet configurations without human interaction
  • Simplified software – drag-and-drop pallet building and conveyor control through the palletizing software.
  • Support & training – a full team of engineers to assure a successful cobot deployment

Using the custom vacuum end-effectors and infeed conveyors designed by ONExia, the “HD” is ready to handle different case sizes in minutes.

collaborative robot safety

Collaborative Safety

  • Third party verified to meet the industry standards for collaborative system safety
  • Plug-and-play area scanners with customizable safety zones
  • Integrated safety devices on custom infeed conveyors
palletizer conveyor

Custom Conveyors

  • Designed to the height and width of existing configurations
  • Optional indexing sensors for elminating back pressure from heavier cases
  • Hand adjusted nest points for varying cases
palletizer gripper

End of arm Tooling

  • Custom designed cup arrays for each application
  • Light weight to maximize payload
  • Optional multi-pick functionality
  • Quick disconnect air lines and tool changer

Slip sheets Layers

Using the ONExia Robotics Palletizing Software, slip sheets are added by the cobot without having to stop production.

  • Slip sheet racks - customized for every application, the racks provide a repeatable location for the cobot to pick a slip sheet and place it on the completed layer.
  • Simplified usability - easily add a slip sheet layer to the pallet configuration without writing a line of code.
  • Realtime feedback - using the built-in vacuum sensors on the end-effector, the "HD" alerts operators when the rack is empty.
ONExia Robotics

A Single Point of Purchase

Simplify the buying process with ONExia.

Partnered with industry leaders of conveyors and stationary machinery, ONExia delivers fully integrated, turn-key packaging lines through a single Purchase Order.

  • Collaborative robots – minimal footprint solutions for automating case erecting & case packing
  • Case sealers – selected based on end-user specification
  • Vision systems – fully integrated bar code readers and quality control inspection solutions

ONExia Robotics is your source for packaging automation using cobots.

palletizer conveyor