Robotic Palletizer

A high payload, collaborative palletizing robot for end-of-line packaging automation.

High Payload Robotic Palletizer

Turn-key, collaborative,
end-of-line packaging automation.

The PalletizHD is the answer to your labor shortage!
By taking a high payload cobot and combining it with our palletizing robot base, the "HD" provides flexible solution for your application.

PalletizHD system
PalletizHD HD

What it means to be "HD"

The PalletizHD optimizes your end-of-line productivity by automating the ergonomically unfavorable, repetitive work that is tough to fill with a solution that exceeds current throughput expectations.

  • High payload cobot - featuring a 38 lb payload the "HD" can handle heavy cases that are difficult for workers to consistently stack or pick multiple cases at once for an increased output rate.
  • Increased vertical reach - the "HD" is capable of stacking pallets up to 90 inches in height by utilizing the built-in collaborative lifter.

Palletizing Software

Build and save custom pallet layouts without writing a line of code.

The PalletizHD comes with our embedded drag-and-drop palletizing software. End-users can change configurations on the fly by simply dragging and dropping boxes into position.

Palletizing Software

Tradeshows & Events

The PalletizHD is coming to a city near you! Look for us at a tradeshow or event in your area.

Pack Expo Las Vegas

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ONExia Robotics

Packaging Robot Integrator

More than just palletizing! Built by ONExia, a robotics integrator based in Pennsylvania, each PalletizHD comes with the service and support needed to fully optimize your end-of-line operations.

Specializing in collaborative robotic automation, our team engineers provide turn-key solutions for various applications in the packaging process.